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Competition preperations 2018 and supplement revieuws

1 day out of preperations happy new year everybody

Goodmorning everybody,

As promised I Will take you om my voyage of prepping. The holiday’s just ended and i regret to say we gaind à couple of kg .So à new year and new goals .also I Will be testing the new fatburner .

this morning we starten off with a cup of coffee and my bcaa and off course a fatburner pil .i went to do my 30 min of cardio on a empty stomach. After that we had breakfast 80 gr of oats with 8 egg whites and 25 gr of raisins .I Will be cutting my carbs in half for this month to prepair myself for a photo shoot in the new clothing line of mybbsupply. My start weight now is 110 kg stay tuned for my next update in a couple of day’s . I hope to tell you my new weight

Well it’s been 3 day’s now and there are some changes I have to be honest it was dificult to get back into the flow .But dispite al the struggelings i droped 3.5 kg in 3 day’s .Mainly due to the fatburners that I have been testen in combination with my clean eating diet. I have been takining 3 times a day 1 fatburner in combination with 1 CLA and 1 Omega 3 capsule from mybbsupply . We still got 22 day’s to go . I hope to give you more weight dropping news next week .??

well it have been 4 day’s since my last update ,and there have been a couple of changes . With my planning for this year and with my diet . I decided to do other competions then planned in the 1 place . The first plan was to do a competition in Denmark als Map participant. But the feedback from the judges in Luxembourg last year was that I was to bulky and to big to compete as Map .So this years planning is to compete in a bechpress contest the 5 th of May and work on my weak spot untill november. There I wil participate at the Olympia hopefully in the classic Bodybuilding devision. So this means my diet changed a bit i Will be clean bulking untill August .Right now focus on chest triceps and buttom. End of this week I wil post my chest work out??


Well back again as promised. Still struggling with my diet, it is still not as i want it to be. I don’t feel any pump in my muscles anymore. I think this is related to my high carb intake. I will be cutting some carbs to see if my pump is coming back. i think my muscles are saturated with insulin due to my high carb intake. This means my weight will drop some more technical seen. I will tell you my results next week. I am still taking the fat burners as mentioned before that’s the reason my weight is still the same despite my high carb intake. The good news is my training is going as planned i am gaining more strength in my chest and triceps. I promised to post my chest schedule


Bench-press – 4×8-(50% max) 4×6 up to max

Incline press 4×10-4×6 superset

Peck deck 4×8

Decline press 4×8

Cable cross 4×8

I wil keep you up to date see you next week

Sorry Guy’s it’s been way to long since my last update. But it have been a very busy week with work. Last week I continued focusing on my chest . up until now the weights remain the same but I have been sick as well .My meal schedule remained the same .My weight dropped a little probably because I was sick so I hope to see more results this week I will keep you posted

Wow it’s been a great week, all is on track as planned. I am noticing a lot of strength incensement on my chest. I am working on my chest 3 times a week now so we are continuing this program for now.

Legs are also getting there but not as fast as I want it to be. That’s a concern for after the bench press competition. step by step I can’t do it all at once.

My diet isn’t stable yet I am, having a huge craving for everything but my diet hahaha. Thanks to the fat burners of mybbsupply I am still losing weight

Last Saturday we had a photoshoot for our new clothing line. good quality and strong fabric’s .It was great to see the whole team together .We had a good time and made nice and funny pictures . Keep an eye on the site for the new clothing of Mybbsupply .and the great pictures of the team

So iT have been a while I am sorry. A lot have happend last week i. Ripper my kneebands ? not during a Workout no in a much more stupid way .i slipped do you believe that ? I was running during the birthday party of my stephdaughter and the floor was wet  .So I have been walking with a brace for a week now ? Acording to the dokter it is going to take about 6 weeks to recover .There goes my plan to grow massive on my leggs . Meanwhile I Will focus on my upper body for my bench press contest. Thats been going great next saturday there is, a teamtraining and I Will get Some more tips and tricks about the rules and technics maybe this will get me further in my chesttraining .in my mealscedual I die not change mutch just replaced a shake with oats for a pancake with the same macro’s. I finished my fatblokkers today and I van reccomend the to everybody .today we will be training chest tri’s just pumping ?? this sunday I wil report about the teamtraining . Have a great day and keep motivated ??

Hi again everybody so i have been to the teamtraining last saturday and got a couple of tips seams i been making IT harder to myself then nessary. I have been waiting with my update because i wanted tot test thema tips first myself. I Will share them after the competiton ? today i have started to lower my carbs a little more ( i don’t want to lose my whole shape) So up with the protein some extra shakes off cours ? and some more whole eggs. I slowly started to train my leggs again after my ripped off kneebands. Lots of reppitations low weight and stop when it hurts. My squats are up til a 100kg now. Not bad at all sinds it its only been two weeks ago and the dokter told me IT would take 6 weeks welk that is it for now untill next time Stay strong and beleive in yourself ?

We are BACK!!!! Hahahaha  last thursday I idd it I made a comeback with my leggs.( Well not back on the top But on my way ) with the help of a brace and straps I manager to Squad 180 kg .i am happy my knee is Getting better by the day. So back tot the plan !!! I wil do my cardio again more intensively then Before and i Will train my leggs better and better. Because I could’n Workout as I wanten and do my cardio as I wanten I gaind a couple of kg .So back to work no excuses annymore .I think the reason for my Quick recover is my high intake of proteïne and my body’s memmmory of quick muscle recovery

So thank you Mybbsupply Whey proteïne Shakes and BCAA’s .Back to the plan the 5 th of may benchpresscompetition in Turnhout and the Olympia stage in November Itally . Lets get those clean gains up and build that booty .this week I Will keep u more posten about my leg and chest wo because this is were my focus WiIl be upcomming weeks .don’t Forget  to order you supplements @ Mybbbsupply use code Ronald20 to get a 20% discounts. Stay strong and keep motivated

So currently we are halfway the week .and things are going well .Squads are still on 180 kg because I want to be careful so maybe next week I will put it up to 200 kg off Corse with belt and straps to be sure . Chest well that’s a different story pushing  to the limits practicing with keeping it on  my chest for 1 second before pressin and it’s going well I am up to 1x 180 kg ( with the 1 second of rest) without I am on 200 .In a couple of weeks I will be going to the place of the competition to feel and test the bench .The 17 th of March I will be practicing with a former bench-press coach on the team trainig day .So 3 times a week legs and 3 times a week chest triceps . I will keep u posted see you in a couple of day’s keep on pumping

Goodmorning everybody .so I just woke up and die my cardio I am still hypes from yesterday .The Arnold classic WOW what a show!!!!!!

And thee BIG winnen our dutch pride William Bonac! Well deserved if you ask me simply the hardest en the fullest on stage ! .This motivates me even more to Workout So Leggs it Will be today .wee are going to try tot put up the weightWell again today and www Will be eenling Every Workout with a dropset www are going to See how thats going to be Tomorrow ( if we be able to walk ) further we wil be ending the wo with biceps . Have a great sunday and untill next time .keeeepp pumping

Hai everybody it’s been a week but one with progresses and achievements .last week i talked about drop setting the shit out of leg’s well we did wow what a pump .No walking for 2 day’s ? This week we put up the Weights again and hit the 200kg on squats 7 reps.not too bad .that was this morning .so we will see wat tomorrow brings. So tonight we will be hitting shoulders  .today i have a day off from work and that means hitting the gym twice .on Saturday we will have a team training i am looking fore worth to that? My diet well i don’t want to talk about that right now since last weekend we had a family weekend and i wasn’t able to keep my diet  on point see you in a couple of day’s keep going strong ?


Today we had team training and it was great seeing everybody Also my competition schedule changed a little bit whahahaha what a surprise I have been invited to compete on the mr Universe  20 th of October so we will prep for that .On the 17th of April  I scheduled an appointment with my coach to see wat the game plan will be .i am super excited and honored that they asked me .Today we are working graveyard shift and we wake up is chest time !!! pre-wo from mybbsupply and GO

So back again. it’s been quiet from my side sorry for that .I have been working the graveyard shifts witch has a huge impact in my social and gym life .This is the last shift thnx god .Prep for the universe has started already want to lower my body fat before I go to my coach to have a great start point .I already decreased my carbs and lost 12 kg in 14 day’s so we are on track. This Prep will take 220 day’s i.o the usual 3 months. I want to get as ripped as possible .so why not start early .I am fully motivated to get the best results

Wow what a week it have been .First we went to Germany to go to the FIBO .it was agreat day all my heroes were present Lee Pries ,Cedric,Jay ,Ronnie .All nice samples and we bought a lot of new Gym goody’s .Off course we picked up a lot of motivation allong the road .The thuesday i got a smack back to reallity .I went to my coach to check my weight en my bodyfat wow what a downer turns out my bodyfat was way too high .i was prepping the last months for my bench press competition and my callories were way up but i already decresed them as mentioned before .But not enough i weight 109 kg and my bf was 15.1% .So back to Work and its going to be HARD WORK .I am now waiting for my new diet .meanwhile i am already cutting my carbs . As soon as i gets my new diet its game on .From that moment i will share all my ups and downs during my prep so stay tuned

Gooday, I got my new diet wow so many variety. My coach is the best so we started the new diet. I have to eat a lot more than usual our goal is to get my weight up till 100kg max and my bf as low as possible .So I am highly motivated especially with my new team the #Bierenpizza team .Its a crew of 7 people all with completion history .we keep each other motivated .My expectations of next competitions are very high .i haven’t seen my coach since my last checkup so I will keep u posted . Keep pumping and stay motivated

Well its been a week or so since I started my new diet. And Yes we can already see results. The scale doesn’t change that much but I can see my body transforming. Lines are coming back and my waist is getting tighter .so losing weight and gaining muscle. Even tho I am eating more but all clean .Sometimes I struggle to get all the food in its so much .But we are seeing results and that’s what counts .

Hai Every body ,

Well it’s been a while sorry for that .I have been sick for a couple of weeks .Reminds me that I am just a normal person instead of a superhero .So I have stopped smoking that was the main reason of my illness .i couldn’t catch my breath for a couple weeks .So I am back better and stronger then ever ,and more motivated .Despite of my illness  I still smashed the Gym on a daily base .the only problem was my diet somehow I gave up due to my illness .So I was very nervous yesterday when I had to meet my coach for my monthly check up .And guess what I dropped 1 kg and 5% bf .Now I am even more exited to go even harder to get my best shape ever .Nac Universe qualifier and William Bopnac cup here we come .Bigger, Better ,stronger and more motivated then ever !!! stay tuned for my progress up Cumming month’s

Well back again and we are completely into the Prep mode .last messurement we dropped a little bit wich is perfect because a did not get a new meal plan . So last week we messured  108kg  with 9.5 % BF .i received my new scudual from my coach en she cut out some cars and added fish i.o chicken the means it’s on !!! .The plan changed a bit i will only be competing @ the William Bonac on the 19th of november in Amsterdam. I had to choose 2 competitions 80% of my best shape or do 1 with a 100% shape .The choice wasn”t that difficult .this couple of months i wil be updating my blog more recently .things like current mood shape and motivations .so will keep you posted

Hai everybody well currently we are 80 day’s out of competition , mij weight now is 108.6 kg with approx 8.5 % body fat .The striping is realy starting to show but we still have a long way to go. Next thursday i will have my next check up .Up untill now my food havent change that much .same goes for the supplements stil taking multivitamins,Cla ,Omega3 ,Bcaa and Proteine powder .Soon i will speed up the proces a bit with some Fatburners  As soon as i will start i will keep u posted about how that goes .Untill next time

Hai everybody

Well it’s been a while a lot have happened the last couple of months It haven’t been the most easy prep of all times. It started all 5 months ago my finger starter hurting right beside my nail and after a while it started hurting bad. I had a infection in my finger, I neglected it until my veins became darker and darker .i had blood poisoning and ahd to start with antibiotics right away . Or else there was a chance of losing my finger. This messed up my shape and  I got deeply demotivated, and my workouts start suffering. Because every time I picked up a weight mij finger hurt like hell. I had a checkup with my coach and was told this was the worst shape I ever had . I thought about quitting !. But I kept going mostly due to the pep talk of my teamies and my Gf .Now 5 months later my finger is still infected but it have become a little bit better .So I decided to finish my prep and go to the dokter after my competition .So next thuesday I will have my next checkup and this will decide if I will compete .My last measurement  was 104.0 kg  8% bf .Since then I cutted my carbs and my weight already dropped so will keep u posted












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